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Happy Christmas!

24 December 2009

I’m just taking a brief moment to wish everyone a happy Christmas (yes, I’m borrowing from my slight British ancestry for this post) and safe travels for those headed to see family and friends this Christmas season.

I’m planning to post a few “Jessica’s best of 2009” lists out of obligation to a friend who’s been bugging me about it for some time. 😛 Most likely I will limit this to films and television shows of ’09 and keep it at that.  My musical tastes are so varied and I’m not sure I’ve purchased 10 albums from this year to rate this year.  I also don’t listen to the radio, so “singles of ’09” would be wasted here at the blog.

In short, if you are so inclined to hear about what my preferences in TV and film have been the past year… tune in soon.  I’ll be posting early next week… probably.

Happy Christmas to one and all!


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  1. jordan permalink
    24 December 2009 12:23 pm

    yay top 10 lists. by the way, i did not purchase 10 albums this year either…i had just listened to some of them. i don’t want you thinking i bought all of those albums, cause i dont even want them all haha…and i got KINGS the complete series YAY

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