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10 November 2009

Save for one mention last week, I haven’t yet blogged about Dollhouse.  Not seriously.  Sure, I’m vocal about it on my twitter (all the time) and I’ve updated my Facebook status to direct people there on many an occasion.

The problem with blogging about a brilliant, under-appreciated, “smartest show you’re not watching,” sci-fi show like Dollhouse is that I didn’t feel I could add anything to the commentary that isn’t already being said on numerous sites across the web.  I’m book smart in many ways (as my high marks at school can attest to), but I’m not all that comfortable with my ability to progress the pop-culture conversation.  People far more brilliant than I are talking about this show and… well, they’re the ones you ought to be reading.  I mean, yeah, you can analyze themes till the Dolls come home, which (to me) is half the fun of watching, but you don’t HAVE to.  The show, if you watch, really does speak for itself.

Then I realized: you have to watch for it to speak to you!  So here I am, blogging about Dollhouse.

I could tell you why I love it.  I might give you an idea about why I watch.  Why I think YOU should watch.   But I can’t say it any better than this website does.

I could rant on and on about the evils of the Rossum corporation.  I could delve into the deeply troubling/thought-provoking moral, ethical, legal, and spiritual issues posed by the show.

I could rave about the incredible new talent Joss Whedon has discovered.  I could go on and on about how gorgeous and talented I think Enver Gjokaj is (no really, have you seen this guy?).  I could enthusiastically praise the acting chops of Olivia Williams, Dichen Lachman, and Fran Kranz.  I could talk about how, if I were a doll with a handler, I’d want Harry Lennix to be mine.  I might even gush over Tahmoh Penikett’s serious muscles and how, thanks to Joss, we get to see more of our favorite Helo from BSG.  I might even mention that “star” Eliza Dushku’s range has improved considerably with this show (“star” is in quotes because, despite what the title sequence would have you believe, it’s more of an ensemble show).

But I won’t do any of that.

Instead I’ll simply mention that all of the season 2 episodes are available for viewing FREE at

As an alternative, I’ll let you know that you can download the episodes on Amazon or iTunes.

Rather than go on and on (and on), I’ll just mention that Dollhouse returns on December 4, 2009 with back to back episodes on FOX at 8 and 9 pm–oh, and Summer Glau joins the cast that week.

That’s all I’ll do.  Really.

You see, how will you know what you’re missing if you never give it a chance?  How will the execs at FOX ever understand how beloved these characters are unless you watch?

I’m going to mention the show often in the coming weeks.  I ought to be doing schoolwork right now, but I’m obliged to share and spread my love of Dollhouse to the masses (or three people) who actually read this blog.  Sure, I’m a Whedon fan-girl from the early days of Buffy, but I don’t blindly follow Joss.  This show is incredible and challenging, fun and engaging.  Give it a shot.  You will not be disappointed.

Ok, that’s all I have.

Oh, who am I kidding? One more thing: Enver Gjokaj is seriously talented and… have I mentioned he’s gorgeous?  ‘Cause he is:

If you already watch Dollhouse and want to know what you can do to help get word out about the show… check out activatedollhouse.  Also, if you haven’t seen this and this… pretty much awesome!

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