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DISCOVER Day Adventures

6 November 2009
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I know what you’re thinking.  Another blog from Jessica… so soon?  Is she giving up on finite math? Ignoring Health Psych?  Completely abandoning speech?

Not exactly, but I couldn’t get started on that today without remarking on something I forgot to mention in yesterday’s piece of writing brilliance (perhaps I’m overstating that, but it’s good for the ol’ ego).

A few weeks ago, I went to DISCOVER Day at LTS.  Suffice to say, that day pretty much sealed my opinion of LTS as the place for me to go to seminary.  The day was informative, but much of what I heard in the first few hours, I’d heard on my last visit there.  Later, though, I attended a sample class “Theology, What is it Good For” and got a glimpse of the teaching style there.

No, it’s not what I’m used to.  Yes, it made me uncomfortable in some respects–beyond that, however, IT. WAS. AWESOME. After a brief lecture on the definition of theology and what it isn’t, we were presented with a real world problem to approach theologically.  I won’t get into the ins and outs of that, but we were broken into groups and encouraged to “engage the conversation.”  My group of 5 definitely did that.  It was great fun, even though I was pretty quiet at first.  I warmed up to my group members rather quickly and shared my thoughts on the issue at hand.  We all came to pretty much the same conclusion in our discussion, but I held back on ONE other thought I had.

Wish I hadn’t, because when we rejoined the class for discussion, this was an approach that the professor presented toward the end.  Good grief!  In my reluctance to share an approach that I thought might be too far “outside the box,” I missed an opportunity!

Lesson learned.  I’m thankful for that.  It makes me that much more certain that, when I do share my thoughts whether they be in or outside of the box, I will not be discouraged at LTS.  It also reminds me: Hello, Jessica!  Speak up!

After the class, we had lunch with faculty.  I was told this is a common occurrence.  There is no “faculty lounge” at this seminary.  The students and professors often eat together and engage in discussion even during meals.  After lunch, we sat down with the Dean of the seminary for a Q&A.  I’m not an “on the fly” question poser.  Not my forte.  I’m usually trying to take things in and think about what the info with which I’m being presented.  It’s just who I am, who I’ve always been.  My questions come later than most, but they certainly come.  Often, I try to find answers on my own, too.

After sitting with the Dean, we met with current students for another Q&A.  While waiting for everyone to take their seats, I spoke to one guy who was a 3rd year and who wanted to find out more about me.  I think I asked him a few questions and mostly listened to his experience there.  Turned out that he had moved from somewhere out west where he lived with his family to attend LTS.  He was going to be a minister.  Of course, my journey seems to be leading me elsewhere, but it was interesting to hear how he balanced everything while at seminary.  He said it was a challenge with his young children, but during that time his wife had been a big help.

Once everyone arrived and took their spots, we engaged in the Q&A.  I didn’t have any questions (again) but listened to other prospective students ask theirs and learned a lot about seminary life.  It was rather informative and fun.

We concluded our day with worship at the chapel.  The chapel there is beautiful and combines many different Christian-based religions under one roof.  Our service was rather traditional, but it was still very different from The Bridge UMC church (my church).  We sang hymns, prayed, shared Holy Communion.  All of the current students who had sat with us earlier also participated in running the service.  I enjoyed it immensely.

I had planned on writing more about this visit, especially to include more personal reflection.  Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for at the moment.  But that does about sum up my DISCOVER Day Adventures.  It was enlightening, informative and fun.  I’ll still need to visit another seminary just as a basis of comparison, but LTS feels like “home.”  I felt welcome and appropriately “engaged in the conversation.”

I’m ready to start NOW… unfortunately I have another 2 semesters (after this one) before I can start.  I was just discussing with Ted, my pastor, how I felt like I wanted to start RIGHT NOW, I am READY to go.  He said, “Isn’t it amazing how that happens when you’ve gotten ‘the call’ from God?”  Yes, indeed it is.

ASAP, my friends.

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  1. chrisb permalink
    6 November 2009 4:35 pm

    That is great, sounds like you had a great day, and that you will feel comfortable there…very important.

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