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Not a Time-Suck…

27 August 2009

Photo 38

A few important notes about Pressing Toward the Goal:

People, just so you know, should you see even fewer posts than usual over the next several months… there’s a good reason why.  I’m carrying a heavy course load.  It’s the most I’ve attempted at one time and–given the challenges of certain autoimmune diseases that I battle daily–it’s a big deal.  Liberal arts at a university such as PSU can be a GIGANTIC time-suck that I’m nonetheless enduring because I’d like to graduate with my BA before I’m 30 and get on to the “business” of being a seminarian and becoming a chaplain.  Add to that the joys and stresses of being a good wife, daughter, friend and helping out at church with running the power point and accompanying the pastor on chaplaincy visits you might say I’ve got a full load.  In the spring I’ll (hopefully) be continuing as a lax coach if all goes according to plan, so that is another added (but fantastic) venture.  Busy doesn’t begin to cover it.  Doctors say, “keep your stress level low” and “don’t overdo it,” but come on, it’s hard to really be living life and not overdo it, isn’t it?

So why haven’t I been posting to this blog as much as I did, say, on my former myspace blog?  I’ve made it a point here, people, not to waste your time.  If I write something it’s either a) pertinent to my life and thereby important enough to share with my readers or b) something I think you, dear readers, would get something from.  So when I post a seemingly silly review of a movie or put up a video clip, it’s because I really do think you’d enjoy it.  I’m trying to not only share insights from my spiritual and life journey, but also to get out the word about things that are happening in the world (in any part or facet of it) that I find interesting and that I hope you will as well.  Should my readership ever expand beyond my close friends and family, I want for people to want to read what I write here.  Additionally, should I ever publish the book I’m hoping to someday write, I’d like not to have to sift through endless “this-is-what-I-did-today” posts.  Just seems rather pointless.  If you really want to know, you can check the twitter feed to the right on the screen here ————————————–>

On the political front, well, if you are reading this, you’re likely know where I stand personally.  But you’ll have noticed that, for the most part, I’ve steered clear from being partisan here.  The main reason is that as a chaplain I won’t want to push people away by being overtly political and I’m trying to temper the tone of my posts and be more welcoming.  This isn’t a political blog nor do I intend it to be.  Friends and family know on which side I sit on the ideological fence, and they’re the only people who need to.  (But, if you follow the twitter feed on the right, you’ll likely see a thing or two that will give you a clue ——————————->)

That’s all from me for the moment.  I’ll keep everyone posted as new happenings… happen.  At the moment I’ve got my head buried in the books and will post when and if I have something interesting to share with you.  Oh, but do keep a look out for an Inglorious Basterds review and some thoughts on what type of chaplain I might end up becoming (as both are forthcoming, kids!)

I’ll leave you with a nice thought or two from Miracle Laurie (of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse):

[Jessica Townsley] is loving the present & looking forward to the future. Life is good.  Life is love.  Life is what you make it.  Every day.

Till then: ASAP

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