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When Things Get Heavy, Sometimes You Must “Just Dance”

3 August 2009
I Mad-Men'd Myself.  I'm in the center with the coffee.  Do we like?

I Mad-Men'd Myself. I'm in the center with the coffee. Do we like?

I’m sure there was a time when summer seemed to just drag on and on and I couldn’t wait to have something to keep me busy (I was one of those kids who actually missed being in school by late-July because it gave me something interesting to do and back-to-school shopping gave me a happy).   Now those days seem like they belonged to some past life, and my oh-so-short memory can only recall these types of summers.  You know the type.  The ones that fly by so rapidly that one’s head actually feels like it’s spinning at a rate that’s decidedly Linda-Blairesque.   But, all Exorcist-y references aside, it’s been a quick summer.  I wouldn’t believe it’s August already if my first seminary campus tour wasn’t approaching on Wednesday and I hadn’t completed my registration for Fall ’09.

Yes, that’s right.  I’m nearing the conclusion of the Jessica’s Never-Ending-Bachelor’s-degree Story and it’s time to begin looking into seminaries for my graduate work.  To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure what I expect on Wednesday.  As far as my preliminary research has told me, this is the one closest seminaries to my current place in the world and (key BONUS) an excellent school.  Though my goal seems more every day to be going the route of chaplaincy (though that pastoral counselor option has not disappeared from my mind all together, either), I’m still in the early stages of learning how all of this will go.  If everything goes according to plan, I should be graduating either next Fall (’10, ideally) OR the following Spring (’11, worst case).  That means that I have to get seriously serious about finding a seminary.  So, this is serious-step numero uno.

I will blog about my experience there afterward, but I’ll give you a little idea of what I’m walking in to:

  1. 9:30am appointment to meet with Rev. Ava Blackwell (director of admissions and fin. aid),
  2. 10:30am prospective student interview w/ Dean of Students and prof. of Pastoral Theology Rev. Frank Stalfa and finally,
  3. 11:30am Campus tour with a 3rd year student

I might be more wigged out if I had applied already and this was the “deciding” visit.  But I believe this is just to give me an idea of what I’m looking at in terms of student life at LTS.  By the time I actually begin my seminary studies, my life will (hopefully) be different in many big (and exciting) ways, so I have to be sure I ask the pertinent questions that apply not to the PSU-student I am but to the not-too-distancey-future-Jessica that I will be at that time.  In any event, I expect Wednesday will be very informative and even fun.

In other news, is anyone else fed up with the cost of books?  Ridiculous how expensive it is this semester.  I’ve got a good 3.5-4 years (God-willing I’ll be done in that time frame) of this left to go between (finally) finishing the bachelor’s and getting my master’s.  Of course, it’s not especially helpful that I actually have to buy some special web-cam-thingy so that some proctor at PSU can watch me take my exams off-site.  Let me tell you how much THAT thrills me.  I love being in the lens of a camera about as much as I love getting a tooth drilled (that is to say, I DO NOT love it).  I would rather have my exams proctored in person, it’s less stressful than the way that web-cams, especially, can distort my appearance.  Who cares what I look like, though, right?  Well, I DO, for one.  Probably too much, yes, but still.  I also have a speech class wherein I must send in video-taped speeches.  Yes, that’s right.  SO that’s not a lovin’ either.  But, these are things I must just get through.  “Necessary evils,” as the saying goes.  They will bring me closer and closer to serving “The Man Upstairs” and helping my fellow man (woman, child, you get the point), and thus I will go through whatever “fresh hell” I must to get there.  So my rational inner-voice says: “Suck it up, Jessica!”  Will do, Inner-Voice-Of-Me!  Will do.  But not without some pointless foot-dragging…

I trust everyone’s having a great week.  To wrap up with a little “what I’m listening to” reference here: I’m addicted to the song “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga and the entirety of the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long-Blog soundtrack.  Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is to blame for the former (Joss is to blame for many of my fascinations and pop-culture addictions as well as for some of my deeper philosophical/spiritual thought revelations)–I really like to think I have better musical taste than that, but apparently not.  Even I could not escape the catchy tunes of the eccentric Lady Gaga.  But, mercifully, it is only “Just Dance” that I am stuck on.  So, I conclude, it could be much worse, couldn’t it?

That’s all she–er, I wrote, folks!  Till next time, ASAP.

ADDENDUM: I will likely end my myspace blogging (not the account, you understand, just the blogging) from this point forward and try to post things here as much as possible.  Please put your comments here if you would so that I’m not running around to a zillion different social networking arenas to see what anyone has decided to comment to me.

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