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20 June 2009

As you know, I’m trying to stay away from politics here, but I want to share this brief message:

When I returned home (from my day-trip to VA for a family visit) to find out how awful it truly has become over in Iran, I felt overcome.   My heart is heavy as I sit here writing this blog.  These are people who are fighting for their freedom and giving their lives for a better country and a better life.  No matter your politics, this isn’t about that.  This is not an issue of left or of right–it’s an issue of HUMAN RIGHTS and we all need to stand behind the people of Iran and offer our prayers and support for their blight.  What started as peaceful protests against a sham election that was rigged from the start has now exploded into a violent, deadly confrontation in which people who are simply demanding their voices be heard are mowed down on the streets by a tyrannical government run by extremist Islamic terror-breeders.  It’s truly heartbreaking.

You can learn all about the events of today at hotair or–well, practically anywhere (but hotair has really great coverage!).  I’m told CNN has done a fantastic job of covering the protests and violence all day today, as well.  I’m watching FOX news right now, and they’ve got okay coverage, but it’s Geraldo, and he’s a bit of a joke, so it could be better coverage.

Also, if there was ever a relevant and important time to join Twitter, now would be it.  MANY people– from pundits, to politicians, to even celebs and normal people– are out there showing their support by filtering their pics to green (as I have done: here) and updating often to keep the show of support going.  The people in Iran have been sending out tweets (twitter messages) since the election and the protests began so that we might know what’s happening there.  The truth or what’s happening, not just what the mullahs want us to see.  I’m told these have been marginalized as the dictatorial regime has cracked down and to try to cut off contact from Iran to the outside world (even silencing reporters).  Still, brave Iranians find a way, as you will see visiting a multitude of websites or news stations this weekend.  NRO has great columns posted, including this one by Mark Steyn stating that “Neutrality isn’t an Option” for the U.S. at this point, despite the President’s “best” efforts.  “Whether you think you have a dog in this fight or not” you do.

We need to come out with a bold stance against this violence and for human rights and freedom.

There are many protests around the world–even here in the U.S.–in support of the Iranian protesters who are quite literally risking their lives to be heard in hope to gain their freedom.  There are reports of anywhere from 19-150 protesters slaughtered today on the streets of Tehran.

When you pray tonight (or whenever you read this): say a few words for these brave human beings who are showing such courage in the face of certain death.

As I’m no brilliant reporter or the most up-to-the-second-blogger, I’ll leave it to you to do your fact finding at any number of sources to get the rest of the story.  The most important few words I can give you are these two.  Simple, to the point:

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