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24 April 2009

While I have a moment, I figure I should update.  As you can tell, I’ve been busy these last months with school, Bible study, coaching girls’ lacrosse, and trying to find time to spend with my hubby.  I’ve also had some medical stuff going on that is resulting in necessary surgery (on May 4th) to remove my gall bladder and biopsy my liver.  And please, prayers are appreciated.

I trust that everyone’s hanging in there in this “tough” economy right now.  We are doing okay over here, not really any worse than before, but medical bills are obviously piling up because of my recent troubles.  We’re doing what we can and trying not to participate too much in the recession where we can help it.  I’m no economist, but seeing the outrageous spending our new president has put his lean weight behind, it’s looking grim for my kids.  What was all of that talk about cutting spending before the election?  Where did THAT idea go?  So much for going “line by line,” in less than 100 days (where are we on that front, at this point, actually?) he’s spent an un-precedented amount of OUR money and seems to have no qualms about it.  I just hope this 4-years goes by fast without too much damage having been done.  I ought to get off this subject before I start to get too wound up.

I’m just about done with the semester and holding down good grades, though I’m afraid I may end up with a B or two this semester, which doesn’t really thrill me.  After a perfect 4.0 avg last semester, anything less will be troubling.  But it’s to be understood, I suppose, given the battles with everything lately.

Coaching lacrosse has been a high point for me–a bright spot in my otherwise dim-world.  After this surgery is completed, I’ll be able to get back on track.  I’m taking the summer off from classes, as directed by my doctor, just to give myself a little break and prepare for the fall.  It’s sage advice, even if it’s not what I *want* to do.

I would prefer to leave you with some wisdom I’ve picked up from the hectic last months–something insightful about life and its trials and tribulations.  I’m afraid I just don’t have anything to add there, at the moment, as my brain is far too addled with Spanish terms and plant biology information.  Till next week, that’s sort of where I HAVE to be, mentally anyway.

I’ll update after the semester is over and likely after the surgery.  As I said, prayers are appreciated.  Take care out there and ASAP.

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