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Ramblings if a Spiritual Mind

19 February 2009

Many apologies to my good friends out there for neglecting the wordpress-blogging lately.   There’s been nothing too spectacular to report on, unfortunately, in the spiritual journey of mine.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose, but it’s disappointing from a blogging standpoint.

I’m taking a full load of classes again this semester, so it’s been particularly busy for me lately.  I am involved in a Bible study at The Bridge and that’s been eye opening and very informative. I enjoy it tremendously.

More on this school front, though: My favorite class this semester, of course is this World Religions class at PSU and that’s been fantastic.  I am increasingly interested in learning about the philosophies and history behind many Eastern religions.  It’s interesting to examine how they relate to my own and other more “Westernized” religious philosophies.  Right now we’re venturing into China and its own religious history beginning discussions with the Shang Dynasty in Northern China around 1554-1045 BCE.  Quite a lot of facts to absorb and a great deal of thought provoking facts information to ponder.  I recall learning a bit about China in History class in 11th grade.  It’s sticks out because I really enjoyed learning about Confuscianism and Taoism–that, and we had a terrific student teacher (who was also VERY easy on my hormonal 16-year old eyes, haha).  We studied Taoism a bit in some of my philosophy classes at Millersville University, also, so it’s somewhat familiar to me.  I remember reading The Tao of Pooh (that’s Winny the Pooh, yes), and loving how all at once it was simple and complicated.

The Eastern “religions” have always seemed to me more philisophical than religious, especially Buddhism, whose principles are very humane and enlightened in regard to good deeds, peace and kindness.  I think Buddhism, though, is lacking in any explanation of the origin of things or why we have a soul.  I understand the “desire” argument for rebirth through the Samsara cycle, but still, I can’t wrap my head around the idea that our souls are nothing more than desire reborn.  That doesn’t sit well with me.  My soul tells me I’m made of more than chemistry and the sum of my desires.  Or is that me just desiring to know and understand my soul?  You see?  It’s all very philosophical!

Forgive me if this discussion is too conceptual rather than explanatory.  Seems today I’m using this blog to hash out some thoughts… rambling, if you will.  There’s much we can learn from religion and philosophies from around the world and all throughout history.  I keep reminding myself that I don’t technically know anything about God or the origins of anything.  I learn some concrete historical facts about what others have believed throughout the ages and I go from there.  I read my Bible and attend church and hope to gain understanding.  I pray to God for grace, guidance, love and believe that He will guide me.  I put my faith in the words God has passed down to us, believe that there’s a Divine Plan, that I’m here for a reason, and that I will have the answers I seek when God takes me Home.  But I don’t know anything.  Belief isn’t in the knowing, is it?  That’s about the only thing I really do know.

There’s a line in a Paramore song called ‘Miracle’:

“It’s not faith if you use your eyes.”

Very true.

That’s all for now.  I’ll update again soon.  If you want some political rambling, head over to the myspace blog.  I’m trying to keep this wordpress blog as free from that as I can manage!

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