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What more do you expect Him to do?

10 January 2009

There’s all this hub-bub going on in the news about this Calvinist preacher who has been out there and behaving a bit brash to bring people to his church.  Apparently he’s cussing in an effort to make Calvinism “cool again.”  The New York Times has been printing this story and its been picked up by nearly everyone.  Frankly, I wholeheartedly disagree with Calvinism and the idea that God chose a select group (predestination, the elect) to be saved and that only those people have any prayer of getting into Heaven.  That whole idea flies in the face of everything I’ve ever learned about God and how Jesus died to save us ALL (not just the “elect”).  Weren’t we given free will for a purpose?

Anyway, so there’s this guy over on the Hot Air blog making all this noise about if God is so good and wants us all to be saved, “why didn’t God just hand out salvation for all of us,” well… He did, dummy!   But he’s not going to force you into anything.  He gave you life and free will so you could make your decisions.  Ugh, this argument coming from atheists gets old.  One guy mentioned this old joke (and truism), has anyone heard this it?

When a hurricane was threatening to strike and the order came out to evacuate, one stubborn old man refused the order saying “God will save me.”  Even when a relief worker driving a van came over to evacuate those without transportation. So, the hurricane struck and the flood waters rose up to the man’s front door.  Then, a boat came up and a relief worker told the man to get on board, but the stubborn old man just replied, “God will save me,” so the boat left to pick up more people. The flood waters now were so bad that the man had to climb up on his roof. A helicopter came and a man went down on a hoist telling the old man to get on the hoist and they’d take him away and save him from the flood, but, sure enough, the old man just said, “God will save me.” So, the helicopter went away to look for more people.

Needless to say, the man drowned in the flood. When the old man gets to Heaven and sees God and the first thing he asks the Creator is, “Why didn’t you save me? Why did you let me drown?” God just looks at him and answers back, “I sent you a van, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you expect me to do?”

Exactly!  God gave us the tools and information we need but He doesn’t make our decisions for us.  He wants us to seek our own salvation and has given us free will to do so.  If you choose evil, then I’m afraid you’ve chosen wrong.  What more do you expect him to do?

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