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17 December 2008

I’ve been remiss in my duties here as author and owner of this blog, and I do so apologize.  As it stands, I have nothing of particular relevance to share with you at this late hour – 1:56am isn’t a time known to produce great and interesting insights from my mind – and certainly I lose my eloquence sometime before midnight.  I am going to head to the coffee shop tomorrow and begin a serious three week Bible study of my own in preparation for the Bible Study group that my pastor is putting together and that I will be a part of after the new year.  I fear my knowledge of actual scripture is rather weak and certainly a bit of pre-reading would do a world of good.

This week, in fact, I found a new motivation, or a renewed sense of it when two things happened.  The first was completion of Anne Rice’s Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession.  It’s a memoir that deeply moved me.  Anne is Catholic, of course, but her confession of a life lived both in complete submersion in faith, complete rejection of it, and back really hit me harder than almost any testimony I’ve heard.  Her recognition that all Christians–Protestant, Catholic and otherwise–are children of God and we are all bound together by our love and worship of Christ and love for our fellow (wo)man, was a fabulous admonition.

The second thing happened upon the completion of my last final (just yesterday) and the realization that I am coming to a brief period where I can truly devote myself to expanding my knowledge of and familiarity with The Bible and with Christ’s life quite wholly without the distraction of other required studies.  I am thankful for this time.

I will write more later as I continue my studies over the next few weeks.  I pray that I will have some terrific insights to impart here.


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