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It is SO a God thing!

8 December 2008

Lord, what journey I am on!

I’m currently sitting at my favorite coffee shop studying for my final week of classes for this semester.  When I walked in, I took notice that there was a man sitting alone reading a book who just looked quite kind.  I take notice to that now, how welcoming and kind people seem.  In fact, that may not be so much a now thing as a Jessica thing, but in any case, I noticed it today.  When I got up to get a napkin – as that perpetual “hole” in my bottom lip caused me to spill my tea on myself AGAIN – the man started asking me a little bit about my computer and the wireless access here in the library.  As the conversation progressed we started into continuing education and he asked me what I planned on doing after college.  When I said I was planning to go into chaplaincy, I came to find out – much to my delight and surprise – that he is a retired prison chaplain!

What is up with the universe?  How do I keep coming across these interesting people who have been working in the spiritual realm somewhere?  First Joan Allen, then my friend Alan from Borders, Robia, the lady at Barnes and Noble, Pastor Ted reaching out, and now this guy as I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop!  I can’t help but feel this overwhelming sense that I am on the right path.  God is working in my life and I can’t see how it’s possible for me to deny that.  It is SUCH a God thing, my friends.

This nice man I met today mentioned to me about how some chaplains are better suited for work in one particular denomination or faith and others can work in an institutional setting of a prison or hospital or somewhere where they can help people of all faiths.  It’s one thing to know what you believe, it’s another to try and push that on everyone.  In some settings, it may not be ethical to preach your beliefs – instead you have to be willing to understand and help those who believe differently than you.

My mom often says that she thinks there is one God and that we all just choose to worship Him differently.  I agree very much with that statement.  We know not who is right and who is wrong, we just have faith and keep praying for guidance from Above.  The guidance I am getting just feels unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life.  God is speaking to me, but not in a loud booming halucinatory voice.  He’s working rather in a more subtle, internal and sometimes (like today) situational and experiential fashion.

After a nice conversation and guidance, that man left the café and I could’t help but thing to myself as he walked away, “It is SO a God thing!”


In other news, I want to apologize for neglecting my duties here for the past weeks as I finish my semester.  You’re not missing any reports on visits as I’ve not had any recently – though Ted says we will have one or two in the next two weeks.  I’ll keep everyone informed on how my journey progresses.


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  1. chrisb permalink
    18 December 2008 3:13 pm

    That is so cool how you keep running into these people who seem to be there, in the right place, right time, for some kind of guidance or another. I love it when that kind of stuff happens….and I agree with your mom, that there has to be just one supreme being, (although I believe in duality, male female, God, Goddess….)and no matter how we choose to worship, there is no right or wrong. Whatever makes us happy, and as long as we live as good a life as we can….it is all good.

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