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What about fairness?

22 November 2008

It occured to me just now (at 2am, LONG past my bedtime – tally another point for illness) whether the concept of “fairness” in reference to our lives on Earth here is mentioned in the Bible?  I don’t have the wherewithal (or spoons, for that matter) to go fishing through my concordance or Bible right this second to research this concept.  But it’s next on my list.  As I keep forgetting to put a tablet next to the bedside to jot down these questions and thoughts as they occur to me late in the night (early in the morning) and my laptop is at bedside, I’m writing it here.  I don’t want anyone to give me any answers on this, yet.  But perhaps some thoughts?  Anyone care to share?

I keep hearing people in government espousing this notion of fairness and it’s really struck me, how absurd that sounds given the ways of the world.  “Spread the wealth around.”  Sound familiar?  Odd.  I can’t remember anyone ever pointing that “fairness” out in the Bible to me before now–perhaps that very fact is my answer.  Reflecting on my life experiences, I am led to assume that God never did say anything about fairness.  Unless He said life wouldn’t be fair, which would certainly make sense given the context of my life and the lives of those I know.

Then I think about that “what goes around, comes around” saying and that makes me think.  Where did that cliche come from?  Hmmm.  Perhaps the trials of this life are to force us to earn our place at God’s side in heaven.  He did say that we would be tested.  Lord knows we all have been and will continue to be so tested.

Well, I know one thing: my rambling right here, right now will produce none of the answers I seek.  Tomorrow, amidst the rest of my studies, I will certainly have to devote some time to checking this “fairness” farce out.

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