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Before they call, I will answer.

14 November 2008

That’s from Isaiah 65:24.  One of my two awesome grandmas sent that to me in an e-mail today along with a delightful and uplifting story about how God works to answer our prayers sometimes even before we have called Him.  The story brought tears to my eyes and made me break out the ol’ Bible and check out the scripture for myself.  The whole thing goes like this:

They will not toil in vain

or bear children doomed to


for they will be a people

blessed by the Lord,

they and their descendants

with them.

Before they call I will answer;

while they are still speaking

I will hear.

-Isaiah 65: 23-24

Seems rather accurate.  Sometimes our prayers are answered with such rapidity that we wonder how it is even possible.  The one thing we have to keep in mind is that God answers prayer.  Often it’s not how we might have expected or even wanted, but there is a purpose, friends.  There is a reason for all that happens here.  Along with our free will, God gives to those of us who listen to His calls, a purpose for being.

All of this “purpose” and “reason” talk reminds me of the events of this last week.  I keep thinking that with this election, and the results which I was not in favor of, there must be a reason why we will see a President Obama in January.  I prayed often on election day… but I didn’t pray what you all might have expected me to.  I prayed that we would see God’s will done and insofar as He meant for McCain or Obama to be our next president, that that is what would happen.  I also prayed that we’d not see violence regardless of the results.  Largely, we saw peace and even joy on the parts of Obama supporters.  And I must say, though there are sour grapes for some McCain supporters, we saw acceptance and tolerance on their parts.  Ultimately, I pray that God’s will continue to guide this great nation of ours in the right direction and that He will guide President-elect Obama as well as members of congress.  Ultimately, the president is but one man.  We can’t forget about the jokers in congress!

This leads me to want to quote another scripture.  Taking a look at Romans 8:28:

And we know that in all things

God works for the good of those

who love Him, who have been

called according to His purpose.

So I suppose, in the vein of this scripture, I hope that congressmen, senators and the administrations, irrespective of party affiliations, are open to and listening to God… according to His purpose.  If that makes sense?

Well, that’s quite enough for the moment.  I’m going to turn back to my studies for now.  I trust that everyone is having a great day.

ASAP, my friends.

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